Freight forwarding

  • shipments of full/part loads, including ADR cargoes with tautliners ( from 1 pallet to 22500kgs, 95m3, 13.6m) to/from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece
  • shipment of full loads with tautliners (22500kgs, 95m3, 13.6m) to/from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey
  • shipment of foll refrigerated cargo ( 21500kgs, 13.6m) to/from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey
  • Specialized transport – hanging garments to/from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece

Warehousing and logistics

The company organizes a free warehousing, internal distribution, consolidation of shipments and additional warehousing services on the territory of Sofia airport area.
Transport and distribution is within 4 hours locally and within 48 hours on the country territory.

Ferry reservations

The company organizes ferry crossing in the following destinations:

  • To/from France – from/to England
  • To/from Belgium – from/to England
  • To/from Netherlands – from/to England
  • To/from England – from/to Northern Ireland
  • To/from Scotland – from/to Northern Ireland
  • To/from England – from/to Ireland